The Book Of Knowledge

I am seeking representation for my first novel, 'The Book of Knowledge'.  It is 85,000 words long and the first of a three-part fantasy series.

In a version of Edwardian England where magic is studied as a science, a living book named 'Chronicle' was created as a compendium of all human knowledge. But when he is kidnapped by a troublesome schoolboy named 'Newt', he is introduced to a side of life he's never experienced: childhood. However, the pair become unlikely heroes when a petty rivalry with another student accidentally sparks a chain reaction across time that could bring down the British Empire.

Short Stories

The Man Who Built A Universe


Many retired men like to pick up a hobby, whether it's a train set or model aeroplanes. For Graham, it's building a universe. In his garage. 

Without rules or restrictions, he's created life, reworked science and made a place where his people can be happy. But sometimes good ideas can end up being a little more complicated than they seem. And being in charge of everything doesn't mean you're always in control. It started out as a bit of fun, but Graham's going to learn it's not easy being God.

The Undertaker


Death has come to the small, desert town of Bell Rock and the undertaker, Zachary Moleneax, is not a popular man. He cannot live up to his father's legacy and the people do not approve of his methods. But while the townsfolk fear the judgement of God, Zachary bears witness to a miracle. For the dead are not quite so dead as they seem...



Ann has dreamed about being an off-world technician for years and it seems she's finally got her big break. It's her first job, fixing the generator for an asteroid mining facility in the furthest reaches of space. Except when she arrives, there doesn't appear to be anybody there. The power's working fine and there's a mysterious countdown clock on all the computer screens.

Then there are the things that only come out at night. And on this asteroid, the days don't last very long...



What's the difference between a human and a machine? When the police ask Prof. Elliot Pierce to evaluate a murder suspect, that's exactly what he'll have to work out.

Elizabeth Lang is pleading guilty to the murder or her husband. But the last time anybody saw her, she was in a coma she'd never wake from. Now, she's been brought back to life by prototype robotics implanted in her brain. Is she still human? Was her crime a human act of passion or malfunctioning software? Will she stand trial or be decommissioned? It's up to Elliot to decide.



Look out for my comic 'Why Hasn't Anyone Killed Hitler?', appearing in Volume II of the excellent anthology by Owen Watts, "THE PSYCHEDELIC JOURNAL OF TIME TRAVEL".

I also have a comic featuring in Volume III called 'Call Time.'